Can shoes make you look taller?

Think of elevator shoes as a calculated optical illusion. Elevator shoes look normal, but they contain a hidden layer that will help you look taller. When you wear elevator shoes, you can create an unnoticeable effect and make people perceive you as a tall guy.

Tall men command more respect, presence, and status in any social gathering. It’s a universal truth.

It’s utterly annoying for men to “feel short.” When your stature is less than average, it can lead people to give you less consideration.

Short men are hard to spot among a group of men. It’s the tall guys who get all the attention from the ladies. So, can shoes make you taller?

Finding yourself on the shorter side of stature can harm your self-esteem more than ever. The good news is that you can do something about it. The solution? Elevator shoes.

No, elevator shoes aren’t shoes you wear when taking the elevator. Instead, they help “elevate” you, so you look “less short” and appear taller than you are.

What Are Elevator Shoes?

Elevator shoes are men’s shoes designed to give you a few inches to make you appear taller than you are in reality. As its name suggests, they are shoes that elevate you above your natural level.

The thick parts hide inside the shoes, and they’re the implement that creates a noble stature effect. Compared to your casual shoes, lift shoes give you more personality, comfort, and support.

Aren’t elevator shoes a little gimmicky? Nope, they’re an everyday device that works for men who aren’t naturally endowed in the height department.

Women wear high heels, push-up bras, and butt lifters all day long without anybody batting an eyelash. Following the rules of common sense, elevator shoes for men are what shapewear is for women.

No man should feel ashamed for wearing elevator shoes. It’s your chance to get a piece of the action and attract the attention you deserve from the ladies.

Plus, letting pride stop you from wearing elevator shoes won’t solve the problem. It’s the same self-consciousness that should encourage you to wear them. Having learned about it, you have a choice. Either take advantage and rise. Or remain unnoticed.

With that out of the way, take a look at how elevator shoes work.

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Anatomy Of An Elevator Shoe

Putting the pieces that make an elevator shoe so elevating, these are the main components:

Shoe Upper Leather/Mesh

The uppermost layer of the shoe largely determines the nature of the shoe, whether it’s a shoe you wear to a wedding or playing basketball. It could be natural leather, artificial leather, synthetic fabric, polyurethane, or something else entirely.

The primary function is to cover your feet from the front while being comfortable to wear.


The insole is the pad inside the shoe. It’s that comfortable layer in direct contact with your feet. It’s also a removable part that you can replace easily for an added feeling of comfort. You can read more about insoles here.

You custom-make an insole to fit the shape of your feet, so they can rest easy while walking, running, and standing.

Height Increasing Layer

The height-increasing layer is the part that makes all the difference. Usually, it’s combined to create the elevation as naturally as possible. Shoemakers build it from an elastic material that acts like a big feet cushion.

Outer Soles

The outermost part of the shoes also adds more elevation. They’re the first part to deteriorate because it’s in direct contact with the ground. It’s the bottom part of the shoes that include the heel part as well.

How Much Extra Height Can Elevator Shoes Give You?

Whatever your motivations for buying and wearing elevator shoes, you have some decisions to make. Besides knowing your exact height and how many inches you want to add to it, other factors aren’t less important.

The people you’ll meet, places you’ll go, your favorite style all add to the equation.

Elevator shoes are fashionable and not as bulky as you think. They’re available in every style, classic, sports, and casual. They’re also available in all sizes and for all occasions.

You can sleep soundly knowing that elevator shoes will live up to their advertised claims. Whether you want to feel confident approaching women or giving 110% in your next game, elevator shoes will deliver.

But first, it’s important how and where you’ll wear your elevator shoes. There are many brands out there that provide more options than you need.

Choosing the right shoes to wear to any occasion is always extra work, with or without elevator shoes. Elevator sneakers are best for games or outdoor adventures. An Oxford men’s style elevator shoes are best for business meetings or social functions.

Size is another consideration. But don’t worry, most elevator shoes will be the same size as your regular shoes.

Most of all, you’re probably wondering how much extra height elevator shoes can give you. It depends on how many inches you need.

Predominantly, the available elevator shoes will give you anywhere between 1.5 and 4.5 inches. With so many styles, there’s more than you need to appear taller. At this point, the two most important factors to consider are your physical height and personal preference.

Quick question, what’s the average male height in your country?

According to World Population Review, the average height in the United States is 5 feet 4 inches for women, and for men, it’s 5 feet 9 inches. In the Netherlands, it’s 72.36 inches. In Germany, it’s 71.06 inches. In Nigeria, it’s 64.49.

Wherever you’re in the world, you’ll want to look up the average height before you determine how many inches you need to look ‘perfectly tall’.

When you’re an American man under 5 1/2 feet, you need those extra few inches. Professionally, some studies indicate that every inch could add more digits to your salary. Romantically, women find tall men attractive.

Are Elevator Shoes Comfortable?

Do you suffer from sore toes? Do you have a special medical condition? Foot deformity? Do you do a lot of squats, weight lifting, or high-intensity training?

If yes, then elevator shoes will be a gift from the heavens to you. There are specialty shoes for the previously mentioned cases and more.

The goal of elevator shoes isn’t just to make you appear taller. Sure, that’s on the menu. But they also provide more comfort than your regular shoes. With padded insoles and giant cushions, you can walk on the clouds. Elevator shoes aren’t only comfortable, but they also fit the arch of your feet.

In addition to being soft on your joints, elevator shoes will also ease Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). So, forget about feet swelling, strains, and redness. In some cases, it can even relieve back pain due to bad posture.

Do Elevator Shoes Look Normal?

Wouldn’t all those “layers” make the elevator shoes heavy and bulgy?

From its description, elevator shoes may sound like bulky shoes. In reality, they look perfectly normal like any other shoes you would wear.

Shoemakers spent decades perfecting the design with different materials and ratios. It’s almost impossible to detect elevator shoes if you’re not a professional shoemaker yourself. Even then, it’s pretty hard to be 100% certain.

You’d be surprised by how many high-status celebrities, politicians, and executives wear elevator shoes—even naturally tall men wear them for an added effect.

You can assume that all men wear elevator shoes until proven otherwise.

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When it looks good on you, most people don’t care. Nonetheless, be careful around people who know you. You’ll look different to them and may get a few compliments. For your professional associates, they’ll perceive you as more competent. For women, your tallness will attract them to you. They can’t help it. It’s how people work.

So, which of these elevator shoes will be on your shopping list?

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1. Mendez™ Premium Height Increase Insole

A height increase insole is an ideal way to ease your way into the world of elevator shoes. They work as stand-alone insoles, so you get to keep your favorite shoes while gaining that extra lift you so desperately need.

These specific low-profile insoles get a lot of praise from customers. They’re premium quality, ergonomic, and lightweight. They may be all you need to test whether elevator shoes are for you before you invest more in your appearance. Even when you don’t need that extra inch, they’ll save your feet from a lot of pain.

2. CHAMARIPA Men’s Casual Elevator Sneakers

For casual wear, the Chamaripa’s elevator shoes give you 2.36 inches. You can wear them to sports events, outdoor sports, or dates. They’re invisible with their rubber outsole that doesn’t look too thick.

The upper part is breathable mesh leather with a fit collar that keeps your heel in place. The height-increasing layer feels like a cushion, and it doesn’t compress under pressure, giving you a satisfying lift.

If you want to impress your girlfriend, these are the ones you want to choose.

3. CALTO Men’s Invisible Height Increasing Elevator Shoes

When shopping for classic-style elevator shoes, you can’t go wrong with Calto. The men’s heightening gear they make is durable, stylish, and impossible to detect.

You’ll feel like the leather on these boots fit your feet effortlessly. The width size is also perfect regardless of your shoe size. Enjoy your few inches right away. It doesn’t take more than a few days to break in and get used to your new height.

Make sure to measure your height before and after use. These derby boots can increase your tallness by about 3 inches. You can always shop around for more inches, depending on your needs.

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