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Finding the right shoe size

Have you ever browsed online stores and spotted a pair of shoes you’re absolutely dying to flaunt, only to discover it doesn’t quite fit well when it finally arrives at your doorstep? This is, unfortunately, a ridiculously frustrating problem that is far too common when shopping online, especially when ordering products from varying locations around the world.

Searching for your dream pair of shoes online may seem like an impossible mission, often demanding that customers take a chance and simply hope for the best. More often than not, such an approach may leave you feeling hopeless in your pursuit of high quality and well-fitted shoes that enhance your personality and style.

Online Shopping – Convenient, But Often Inaccurate

Online shopping has become extremely widespread within our modern culture, and it certainly has plenty of conveniences and benefits as opposed to heading out to a physical location and selecting the items yourself. But, it still has shortcomings, most of which come down to a sense of obscurity and uncertainty with regard to what exactly you’ll be receiving.

Unless you’re shopping from a specific site that you are very familiar with, there is always a sense of doubt in this area. But, it’s really not fair for anyone to spend their hard earned cash on any item without knowing exactly what you’re paying for, and without the peace of mind that comes with receiving exactly what you asked for.

Although one cannot quite predict aspects like quality of materials and overall comfort, the sizing should be something everyone can select accurately. This is reasonably complex, since so many brands and countries use different sizing systems which makes it really challenging for customers to ensure a great and comfortable fit before their purchase.

Many years ago, the variation between sizing systems and measurements used in different countries was not a problem, as people were generally familiar with these systems since they mainly purchased products within that country. But, with online shopping becoming so universal, it’s now become common to purchase various items from countless countries all over the world.

Understandably, customers who are unfamiliar with these sizing systems would have trouble navigating the charts to find the size that equates to the size they would typically ask for in their own country. In addition, different brands and labels utilize diverse sizing systems as well, which further complicates this dilemma.

While there are many online stores featuring size guides, most of them are not exactly accurate or considerate of brand specific sizing systems, as well as any other influential information that may make or break your flawlessly snug fit. This means that despite spending some extra time making sure you’re getting the recommended size using these guides, it ultimately may not amount to the fit that you’re looking for.

Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

This is where our comprehensive shoe size tool comes into play, as it is comprised of an extensive database filled with various influential factors that are mostly overlooked by generic shoe size guides. This includes numerous aspects such as the specific measurements which are used within various sizing systems in different countries, as well as the particular sizing system choices implemented by numerous brands worldwide.

Unlike simply converting sizes in a generic way without considering the specific details, our tool converts all sizes into their particular measurements, after which it matches these measurements to the EU, UK, or US size that will give you the best fit. In addition, our tool encompasses the sizing systems used by over 70 unique brands to date, and it can be used to allocate the most accurate shoe size in varying scenarios making it practical and useful for just about every shoe loving online shopper.

For example, if a customer wants to buy a new pair of Adidas shoes but is unsure of what size to buy, our tool can be used in two ways to help them find the size that would fit them best.

  • Brand to Brand Size Matching: If you are wondering what size you should buy your new shoes in, then simply select the brand of your new shoes + size and brand of a pair of shoes that you already know fits you. After that our search tool will show you what size to buy your new shoes in.
  • Foot Measurement to Size Matching: Alternatively, you can simply type in your specific foot length, after which the tool  will show you what size, for the chosen brand, that will fit you.

After the search engine has run through the database and found what you’re looking for, this information will be provided in EU, UK, and/or US size variants for all users to ensure that everyone gets the information necessary for their needs. In addition, our tool even lets customers know the measurements of the inner length of the shoes as well for ensuring that impeccably comfortable fit.

We all know how it feels to maintain vague expectations for something that should genuinely be as exciting as you’d hoped it would. Our mission and vision are to simplify shoe shopping online for customers, so that you can have peace of mind when placing your online order and are actually able to strut your stuff contentedly when your pair of shoes finally arrives.

Hassles For You, Harm For The World

Shoe lovers can all agree that it’s incredibly exasperating to be filled with excitement and anticipation awaiting the arrival of your dream pair of shoes, only to be met with disappointment when finally stepping into them. Over and above the fact that you will now have to continue the waiting game, there may just be a seemingly endless list of ins and outs before you can actually receive the pair of shoes that you wanted in the first place.

From taking unenthusiastic trips to the post office, standing in lengthy queues, having to go back and forth with suppliers or brands, spending hours on hold with customer support, possibly having to pay for shipping again, dreading the thought that the right size may not even be available anymore, and even the chance of receiving unhelpful assistance from the service provider – the list of annoyances is endless. Successfully resolving such a situation is nothing short of a hassle.

Apart from the overall inconvenience of this process, the entire prospect of items being shipped and transported back and forth plays a huge role in global pollution as well, regardless of how exactly it is transported and where it’s being sent from. It is true that online shopping is certainly better for the environment when compared to the effects of large, lavish malls and shopping centers.

But, it doesn’t mean that online shopping is completely harmless, or that the environment doesn’t need to be considered when shopping online. While manufacturers and stores have certainly made progress in lessening the harm it does to our natural world through recycling and research into biodegradable options, unnecessary transport wastes valuable resources, still causes pollution, and should really be avoided wherever possible.

It’s been estimated that by ordering three pairs of shoes online, keeping one pair, and sending the other two pairs back to its original source, one would nearly triple the number of hazardous substances and toxic emissions which were produced for that one pair of shoes which were kept.

For example, more than 250 million packages are returned annually in Germany alone, and merchandise worth approximately $326 million is returned every single year in the United States. All of these returned packages demand the use of excessive energy consumption and resources in order to transport the packages to their intended destination and then transport them back again.

As a result, online shopping is essentially only better for the environment in relation to our choices and consumer conduct. There are a plethora of negative effects such as CO2 emissions and the production of greenhouse gas, which are lessened when compared to traditional shopping methods but should still be taken into account. However, returned parcels are definitely one of the most harmful and influential negative aspects of online shopping – for everyone involved.

This entire impasse concerning the return of shoes to the service provider certainly costs money, and there are definitely undeniable harms to the environment in doing so. But, it also costs time – precious time that you will likely spend on unnecessary tasks which will probably cause you more frustration and angst.

No one should ever have to play the guessing game when ordering a pair of shoes online, and no one should ever be forced into such a dismal predicament, especially due to a reason as avoidable as choosing the right size.

So, before you click that ‘add to cart’ button, take the right step and double check that size. Using our sophisticated shoe sizing tool, you will surely identify the size that will provide you with plenty of comforts to flaunt your fashionable shoes, or at least be rewarded with peace of mind knowing that you’ll be saving time, money, and the environment in doing so.

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