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Sizeguide for
Converse shoes

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To help you choose the right shoe size the first time we have created this size guide for you because shoe sizes can vary from brand to brand meaning that in one brand you will fit i.g. a size US 8.5 and in another brand you will fit a US 9.5. Also remember to try out the online shoe size calculator.

Are Converse shoes running small or big in size?

To find out if Converse shoes are running small or big in size we have compared them to Nike and adidas’ shoe sizes.

If you want to convert your Converse US size to UK and EU sizes you can do it here.

Converse shoe sizes compared to Nike shoe sizes

Kids: For kids Converse and Nike shoe sizes are almost the same. So when shopping for a pair of Converse Kids shoes you can buy the same size as you would do when buying a pair of Nike Kids shoes.

Women: Compared to Nike Converse shoe sizes for women are a bit smaller in size. So you should go up half a size compared to your Nike US shoe size.

Men: Converse and Nike shoe sizes for men are almost identical so you can buy your Converse men’s shoes in the same size you would buy your Nike shoes in.

Converse shoe sizes compared to adidas shoe sizes

Kids: Converse’s shoe sizes for kids are almost identical to adidas’ shoe sizes so, you can buy the same size.

Women: Compared to adidas, Converse’s shoe sizes for women are almost identical. However, if you use a adidas US size 11 and up you should buy your Converse shoes in a 0.5 US size smaller than your adidas shoes.

Men: Compared to adidas, Converse’s shoe sizes are almost identical. So, you can buy your Converse shoes in the same size as your adidas shoes.

Learn more about some of Converse’s most popular models

Do Converse shoes run wide or narrow?

For some of the Converse shoe models you can choose between normal and wide width. This includes the popular All Star Chuck Taylor.

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Are Converse shoes Comfortable?

Converse shoes are great and comfortable for everyday wear. However, if you are walking a lot or planing on going on a hike, you can easily find better brands out there that offer more cushioning and support.

Are Converse shoes still in Style?

Converse shoes are definitely still in style. In fact, they’ve been making a big comeback in the fashion world over the past few years. You can rock a pair of Converses with just about any outfit, whether you’re going for a casual or more dressy look.

Are Converse good for Skating?

Converse has a wide collection of models made for skateboarding. These models offer great board-feel and traction, making them ideal for skating. So if you’re looking for a good pair of skate shoes, Converse is definitely a brand you should check out.

Are Converse good for Running?

No, Converse shoes are not good for running. They don’t provide enough support or cushioning, and they can actually be quite uncomfortable if you try to run in them. It’s best to stick with a more specialized running shoe if you’re looking for a shoe that will perform well during your runs.

Is Converse Considered A Cheap Brand?

The Converse is one of the American most popular brands that manufactures and distributes sneakers and skating shoes worldwide. Converse, founded in 1908, became a subsidiary of Nike, Inc. In 2003.

The iconic brand offers high-end sneakers that sell at affordable rates compared to other brands in its segment. Despite inflation in the footwear market, the company still sells at moderate prices. Moreover, Converse sneakers are popular among many people on the street. That said, Converse is undoubtedly one of the most popular cheap shoe brands worldwide.

Are Converse Shoes Considered Good quality?

Converse manufactures its sneakers using heat-resistant materials, such as suede, leather, and cotton canvas with metal hardware. They are made to fit your feet perfectly. Furthermore, the footwears provide people with the freedom to explore and customize them as they desire. With that, it means you can always choose every detail that you want.

However, according to customer reviews, Converse sneakers aren’t the best in terms of high-quality. The Converse shoes are lightweight and mostly come with unsupportive materials.

While still on the design, the Converse footwears do not offer the durability feature that most other high-end brand’s shoes provide. That’s not all; the boots also tend to get easily wet when raining.

Are Converse Shoes Sustainable?

Over 100 years, Converse has shown ambitions to be more sustainable and protect the environment. The brand developed footwear with eco-friendly materials obtained from discarded cotton, recycled plastics, and polyester.

Converse partnered with the vintage retailer, called Beyond Retro, using discarded jeans to make some of the widely-known Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

Where are Converse made?

The Converse is an American company owned by Nike Inc. Before 2001, the brand’s shoes were manufactured in the United States. However, with Nike being the brand owner, most of its productions are now carried out in Vietnam and China.

Convert Converse shoe sizes

In the listed tables below you can convert your Converse US shoe size to UK & EU shoe sizes.


US / UK / EU

6,5 5,5 39
7 6 40
7,5 6,5 40,5
8 7 41
8,5 7,5 42
9 8 42,5
9,5 8,5 43
10 9 44
10,5 9,5 44,5
11 10 45
11,5 10,5 46
12 11 46,5
12,5 11,5 47
13 12 47,5
13,5 12,5 48
14 13 49
14,5 13,5 49,5
15 14 50
16 15 51,5

US / UK / EU

4,5 2,5 35
5 3 35,5
5,5 3,5 36
6 4 37
6,5 4,5 37,5
7 5 38
7,5 5,5 38,5
8 5,5 39
8,5 6 40
9 6,5 40,5
9,5 7 41
10 7,5 42
10,5 8 42,5
11 8,5 43
11,5 9 44
12 9,5 44,5
12,5 10 45
13 10,5 46
13,5 11 46,5

US / UK / EU

10C 9,5 26
10.5C 10 27
11C 10,5 28
11.5C 11 28,5
12C 11,5 29
12.5C 12 30
13C 12,5 31
13.5C 13 31,5
1Y 13,5 32
1.5Y 1 33
2Y 1,5 33,5
2.5Y 2 34
3Y 2,5 35
3.5Y 3 35,5
4Y 3,5 36
4.5Y 4 37
5Y 11 28,5
5.5Y 5 38
6Y 5,5 38,5

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