Guide for buying winter boots

How to buy the right winter boots for your child

Children’s feet grow at a notorious speed. In fact, a child’s feet can grow one and a half centimeters in just six months. That means that the chance of your child being able to fit last year’s winter boots is close to zero. So, you better prepare for the annual hunt for a new, durable pair that your child can outgrow in the blink of an eye. In this article you will get help in finding the perfect boots that will both keep your child’s feet warm and dry, and fit perfectly during winter’s three-month run.

Of course, it can all seem a bit stressing. Where to even begin your search? And what type of material is the best for keeping out sleet, rain, and snow? Read along and find out. 

Should you buy winter boots for kids a size bigger?

The most important thing to consider when shopping for a new pair of winter boots is that your child’s feet should have room to grow and evolve properly. That is why you should buy boots that are 0.5 to 1 US size larger than your kid’s regular footwear – that way you can also fit a good thermo sole down the boot for further warmth and comfort. You do not want your child to run around with cold feet! That means fever and runny noses, and we want to avoid that by all means during the hassle of winter.

What kind of material is best for kids’ winter boots?

The second most important thing to consider when buying new winter boots for your son or daughter is the material. Nylon and rubber boots are highly popular and stylish, but they are also not very flexible. As stated, children’s feet grow at an alarming rate and that is why you should consider buying boots made of either leather or suede. These are flexible fabrics that sculpt around your child’s feet. But beware of the fact that especially suede is quite the delicate material.

You will need to give the boots a solid impregnation with either leather or suede impregnation, so that you do not stress out over the fact that your child will skip around in puddles and play in snowdrifts.

Winter boots need to keep your child’s feet warm 

The third thing worth considering when you shop for new boots is the lining. Good lining is absolutely crucial for keeping your child’s feet warm and dry during even the longest days of playing around in the frosty landscape. Lining comes in cotton, pure wool, or fleece and not one of them is better than the others. The most important thing is that the lining is thick and that it does not itch your child’s skin.

There are lots of different winter boots for children on the market, but if you keep in mind the things listed above your child will most likely go through winter with a smile on his or her little face. 

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Winter Boots For Women

Last year’s exceptionally wet winter ruined a lot of good winter boots. Leather and suede were discolored, fabric went up in the seam, and lining was soaked and destroyed. Do you really want to go into this new winter in a pair of worn winter boots? Maybe it is time to buy a pair of new ones. In this article, we will review what types of boots are fashionable right now and how to take care of your new winter boots so that they last longer.

What type of winter boot should I buy?

First of all, it is important to say that you do not have to follow any trends if you do not like them. Style is very personal. Like a fingerprint. 

The most important thing when you go out to buy new winter boots is that you buy some boots that fit well, do not gnaw and keep your toes dry and warm. You should therefore buy boots in a good, flexible material such as leather or suede and you should try buying boots with a good lining in either fleece, wool or cotton. That said, you can easily experiment with style and expression.

Cool and practical boots

During the winter months, it will typically be harder to express your personal style because we have to compromise to stay warm. But most types of boots take this into account. For example, you can easily buy heavy combat boots with leather and rivets and a platform sole that is also lined inside. So you can easily be cool and practical at the same time.

In the last few years, combat boots in particular have become very popular, especially for young people. But in addition, styles such as the classic chelsea boots and hiking boots are also extremely modern this winter. If you have been surfing around the net for new boots, you have probably also discovered winter boots that look like lined rubber boots. They will typically stop just below the knee and can be styled with thick tights and a cute dress for a more feminine winter look.

There are as many different types of winter boots out there as eye colors, and there are guaranteed to be some that fall in your liking. You just have to be patient in your search for the perfect pair. Once you have found them, it is important that you learn to take care of them so that they last more than one season. We will look into that now.

How do I take care of my winter boots?

There is a lot you can do to take care of your winter boots. If you choose to recycle last year’s boots, it may be a good idea to give them a new impregnation. First, carefully brush them off so that the dirt does not get rubbed around in the fabric and scratch its surface. Then you can begin the impregnation. 

If you have bought new boots, you do not need to brush them off. Just start off by giving them boot wax, which you need to let dry before spraying them with a protector. The protector will make sure that your boots keep rain, sleet and snow out all winter.

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Winter boots for men – Is this the year where you pamper yourself with a new pair of winter boots?

 When was the last time you bought a pair of new winter shoes? Was it last year? The year before? Or even longer ago? And are you really going to pull on your old, outdated boots with worn lining and a gnawing heel, or is it time to treat yourself to some cool new boots, that will keep your feet warm and dry during the wet winter months?

Should I buy new boots?

A pair of modern winter boots is a must. First, good boots are needed for practical reasons. Second, a pair of smart boots can give both your confidence and style a notch upwards. We all know how hard it can be to feel fashionable in the dark winter months, where comfort takes precedence over everything else, and we are drowning in large coats, scarves, mittens and, well, boots. But you can easily express yourself through your footwear. And it does not have to be big and clunky to keep your feet warm.

For example, lots of cool chelsea boots come with either cotton or wool lining to keep the cold out. Just remember to impregnate your boots thoroughly if they are made with suede or leather. Otherwise, the sleet and water will penetrate right through the fabric that will also get discolored.

What types of winter boots are in style for men?

It is important to state that you do not have to feel specific trends to feel comfortable. Follow your gut feeling when shopping for new winter boots.

For the past few years, chelsea boots have been a safe choice for the style-conscious man. The boot comes in different versions: Some have a long shaft, a thick sole, some have a pointed toe, others have a round one. Most chelsea boots are either brown, gray, or black, and they therefore fit with most things and can make pretty much any outfit look classy.

Combat boots have for a long time also been super popular for a rawer and more urban look. A pair of solid combat boots will elevate most outfits from plain to street. Many combat boots also come with lining to keep the toes warm. So, you do not have to catch a cold when you want to look cool. 

Dr. Martens are known for their lace-up boots and iconic yellow stitching, and their model with the extra thick sole is cool to rock this winter.

The classic hiking boots have also made a comeback. They give off an aura that you are an outdoor person who appreciates comfort and practicality, which is the new thing in these times. Classic hiking boots are guaranteed to give your feet the necessary support. And you do not have to climb a mountain just because you bought a pair of hiking boots. 

Either way, the choice is yours! There are a sea of ​​possibilities out there for the modern man. 

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