How fast do kids’ feet grow?

Children’s feet are growing fast – so it’s important to take that into consideration and to check often that they are wearing footwear that fits them.

One way of checking if their shoes fit is to remove the insole and place their foot on top of it to see if there is any extra space.

On average, children’s feet grow:

0-2 years = 0.8 inch

2-6 years = 0.6 inch

6-13 years = 0.4 inch

How much extra space should there be?

When it comes to shopping for shoes for your kids, it’s important to keep in mind that their feet are constantly growing. It can be tough to keep up with their ever-changing sizing, but it’s important to make sure their shoes fit properly in order to allow their feet to develop correctly and avoid any pain or discomfort.

Shoes: It’s recommended that you make sure that there is between 0.4 to 0.6 in of extra space in your Kids’ or toddlers shoes. When measuring their feet, remember to add this number to the final result.

Boots: It is recommended that you add up to 0.8 inch of extra space for kids’ boots.
The reason for that extra space is that your kid or toddler needs a little more room to wiggle, as you might want to give them on some warm, thick socks – another reason is that the boots might be insulated and the insulation will also take up some space.

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