How to buy shoes on a budget

Even though it feels good to buy new shoes it does tend to get expensive. So how do you avoid going over budget? You find shoe-models to 20$ and below – and we’re here to help.

There’s nothing like buying new stuff for your wardrobe. Some like bags, others have a thing for jackets – and then there’s people like us who have a fondness for shoes. But what do you do when you feel the urge to get a new pair of shoes, but your bank account is almost drenched, you also need to buy groceries and there are still weeks until payday? Well, you go ahead and find the perfect pair of shoes in a price range you can actually afford. Most of us can play along when the upper price limit is set at 20$. But how do you find cheap and pretty shoes? Fear not, we’ve got you covered with good advice on how to find affordable footwear.

First, Check the sale-section

First and foremost, you may want to make it a rule to check the sale-section before anything else. If you’re lucky, you might find those pretty wedges, flip flops, sandals or sneakers that you never knew you needed. You should especially pay attention to the sale-goods if your size is an odd one out; a women’s US 6 or US 10.5 for example. Oftentimes, you’ll find the popular sizes are sold out and to get rid of the leftovers, stores and webshops will probably sell the shoes with large discounts.

Unknown shoe brands are cheaper

It’s a good rule to go for shoes from unknown brands. Those are often much cheaper than Nike or adidas – and the quality is often just as good. You’d be wise to look for a certain webshop’s own design, which is typically made according to the newest trends for a fraction of the price you’d pay for designer goods. For instance, you can buy a good selection of sandal-models from ASOS Design for less than 20$. Go for the ‘Fortuna’-slipper, the ‘Fia’-sandal, the ‘False Start’ lace up sandal or something different? You have more than 30 options. ASOS Design also features ballerinas, sneakers, flip flops and boots – all priced at 20$ or below.

In general, you’ll benefit from some of the high street brands that are known for great styles for great prices. ASOS Design is one of them, but there are also Bershka, NLY Shoes, New Look, Anna Field and the list could go on forever. All of these brands feature great products for very fair prices.

Of course, it’s going to take you some time to locate the perfect shoe model for 20$. Maybe they look cheap, are sold out in your size or made of the wrong kind of fabric. However, keep looking. It’s not like you’re going to locate the good stuff right away when you are budget shopping; however, when you find the single gold pieces among all the hopeless styles it feels amazing. In fact, it feels much better than buying something expensive – because you know it was a bargain.

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