How to find shoes you like

Do you have difficulty in finding shoes you’ll like for more than one season? 

Do you know that feeling when it’s starting to get cold outside and you pull out your old winter boots from last year and suddenly you don’t like them anymore? In fact, you can’t even comprehend that you wore them all last winter! 

Often, our style changes will go unnoticed by ourselves right up until we are confronted with old footwear, we can’t dream of being seen in by any living creature. This is perfectly normal. But how do you prevent yourself from a situation where you must go out and buy new footwear every year? Because not only is it expensive to always toss out last year’s shoes, it’s also bad for the environment.

How do I buy shoes I like for more than a year?

A good piece of advice would be to buy shoes in good quality, so that they do not go up in the seam, become discolored by rain and sleet, become thinly worn, gnaw in the wrong places, crack in the fabric or crease at the toe. If you buy shoes in good quality, they will look new for a longer period of time. Consider a pair of expensive shoes as an investment.

If you are someone who often changes your style – perhaps because you are still young – you should consider buying footwear that you know has been fashionable for decades. If you are a man, for example, you can see that classic lace-up shoes such as oxfords and brogues have been fashionable throughout the last century. They never go out of fashion. The same goes for boots with laces. Some years the toe may be rounder than pointed, some years they have a little more platform, but overall a lace-up boot will always be in style. It goes the same for chelsea boots. They will always be stylish and match with any outfit you put together.

High heeled boots and Penny loafers

If you are a woman, a high heeled boot will be a safe choice. Some high-heeled boots also come with lining so you can wear them during the cold winter months. A pair of long-shafted, black boots will give any outfit edge and coolness, and their timeless design will make you want to put them on year after year. For summer, a pair of penny loafers with a small heel will also be a good, stylish choice. Penny loafers make jeans elegant and dresses cool. You cannot go wrong with them and you will miss them in the winter months when it’s time to wear the boots again.

Try to think in classics when buying shoes. There is a reason they’re classics.

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