Is Amazon good for buying shoes?

Generally, Amazon is a reliable platform to shop for most items, including shoes and electronic devices. However, to avoid buying counterfeit shoes, you need to be careful while patronizing third-party sellers. That’s so because the superstore has a vast network of third-party sellers, making it pretty hard to monitor them all.

Many people across the world choose Amazon as their go-to e-commerce store because of several reasons. One of them is because the online giant commerce store offers excellent customer service. Furthermore, Amazon receives a lot of favor from customers because most of its products sell at competitive prices.

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Other reasons why Amazon is favorite among several people from all corners of the world include wide selection, fast and quick shipping of products, and effective digital marketing. But are those offerings enough to buy different products, including shoes from the giant ecommerce store platform?

When it comes to buying any products, including shoes, on Amazon, there are many factors that you need to put into consideration. That said, in the rest of this post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about buying shoes on Amazon, including ways to avoid fake products.

Buy shoes on Amazon

Is It Safe To Buy Shoes On Amazon?

Of course, it’s pretty safe to buy shoes on Amazon. However, this depends on how smart and careful you are when purchasing shoe products from third-party sellers.

You’ll agree with us that Amazon has a vast network of third-party shoe sellers. Every one of them is competing to sell their items. Sadly, not all of these brands sell original products. Many of them disguise themselves as very reliable, but they only do that to lure customers into buying their fake products. The fact remains that some third-party shoe sellers on Amazon are not legit.

Does Amazon sell fake shoes?

Amazon is one of the most reliable ecommerce superstores that you can trust to get any product. With that, it means the online commerce store doesn’t sell fake shoes. 

However, don’t forget that there are tons of third-party sellers on the platform, and they’re not all reliable. Some sellers sell fake shoes, and if you’re not careful enough, you might end up a victim. 

That said, anytime you’re going to buy shoes or any other products on the platform, ensure that Amazon is the one selling the shoe product directly to you. Are you wondering how to go about that? Well, it’s pretty simple! If Amazon is the one selling you the product directly, you’ll see Ships from and sold by”

Not all third-party sellers on Amazon sell fake shoes, far from it, and speaking of the reliable third-party sellers on the online commerce superstore, they offer some of the best products at competitive rates, which is why you need to take your time to identify the good sellers and spot the fakes.

Tips to avoid fake shoes on Amazon 

1- Price seems too good to be true

One of the many strategies used by unreliable third-party sellers to lure customers into buying their products is that they offer price tags that are too good to be true.

So, once you notice that the price tags on certain shoe products are below the market value, there’s a chance that the seller is fake. All you need to do is a bit of research to compare the prices. If the footwear price on Amazon is way lower than others, we’ll advise you to be very careful buying the product.

2- Do you recognize the seller?

If you’re interested in buying a product but find out that you don’t recognize the seller, there are two things involved. It’s most likely that the seller has a smaller store or is located far away from you.

On the other hand, it could mean that the third-party seller is a scammer, which you shouldn’t trust. The best way to save yourself from this mess is by doing a quick online research to understand whether the seller is legit or not.

3- Too many positive reviews

Another way to spot a potentially fake third-party seller on Amazon is when you notice too many positive reviews on a particular product.

Luckily for you the giant e-commerce store makes it possible for you to identify genuine reviews. Whenever you see a “verified purchase” label on a review, it means the review is honest.

4- The seller wants you to contact them before making payment

If the sellers don’t want you to pay them directly on Amazon, there’s a big chance that they are scammers. In most cases, these sellers will ask you to buy gift cards and text them to get your orders delivered. Do not fall for this scam. Reliable sellers won’t request Amazon gift cards for you in exchange for their products.

5- Is the shoe seller directing you off the Amazon site?

If the third-party shoe seller is trying to direct you to another site to continue the transaction, this is a big sign of a scam. Reliable third-party sellers will never direct you off Amazon, as the e-commerce platform is designed to handle all transactions.

How To Find Cheap Shoes On Amazon

There’s no denying that the best time to find cheap shoes on Amazon is during Black Friday. However, you need to understand that you don’t always have to wait for Black Friday before buying cheap shoes on Amazon.

One of the best ways to buy cheap products is to bypass the regular Amazon listings and make use of a section known as Amazon Warehouse Deals. However, you’ll hardly find footwear products listed on the landing page. This method is most effective for other products, such as computers & tablets, kitchen appliances, Amazon devices, and a few others.

Another way to find a good deal is to use the filter option and set it to: Price: Low to high. Then you will find the cheapest shoes available on the top of the page.

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