Shoe materials that are easy to clean

When you see a pair of beautiful shoes it’s tempting to buy them right away. However, it’s important to be practical for a moment and think about materials in relation to cleaning the shoes. Some materials are hard to clean – but one particular kind of material can be cleaned with nothing but a cloth and some water.

You’ve probably tried your luck with a pair of white suede boots that only lasted a week before they were stained with black mud spots all over that wouldn’t come off. Suede is very beautiful, however, it’s a nightmare to clean so you’d do wisely in investing your money in other materials. Materials that are easy to clean and will not be ruined after one fun night out or an unexpected rain shower. Especially one kind of material can endure all kinds of challenges: Leather. Read along to find out more.

What shoe material is the easiest to clean?

* Natural leather
You’ll do yourself a favor buying leather shoes. The processed surface is smooth and easy to wipe. Oftentimes you can remove all dirt with nothing but a cloth soaked in hot water. Since leather is waterproof, you don’t even have to let the shoes dry: You can clean them with water and wipe off the remaining water drops. Then, the shoes are once again ready to wear. Not only mud comes off easily; all kinds of stains are easy to remove, that being sticky stains from beer and colored ones from red wine or coffee. When you’re out to invest in winter boots and in general more expensive footwear, then go with leather. That way you’re making sure to buy the best product out there – and your shoes will last longer.

* Faux leather
Just like regular leather, vegan leather, or ‘pleather’ as the material is also called, is very easy to clean. Oftentimes the cleaning process works just like when cleaning leather: A soaked cloth wiped across the shoe’s surface. Pleather and leather are very similar, the only real difference being that this material is the cruelty-free option to leather. Depending on the faux leather’s quality, it can be more or less durable, however, it’s never as durable as real leather. On the other hand, it’s cheaper and just as practical as leather.

* Patent leather
Patent leather is not to be confused with pleather. Patent leather is real leather with a high-gloss finish making the material shiny and smooth. Patent leather is even easier than regular leather to clean and even more resistant to exterior influence in the form of stains. If you need a new pair of party shoes, you’d do wisely in buying patent leather, since you can use them without ever having to be sensitive about them. Even if they’ve been covered in dirt during a fun evening out, a bit of water will make them just as new again!

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