Should you buy Eco-friendly shoes?

Are you thinking your next car should be an electric one for the sake of the environment? Then why shouldn’t your next pair of shoes be eco-friendly too?

The fashion industry accounts for about 10% of man-made CO2 emissions each year. That is an overwhelming number, but the good news is that more and more clothing and footwear are made from sustainable materials. If you would also like to reduce your carbon footprint, it may be a good idea to start shopping more climate friendly. If necessary, start by purchasing a pair of good, sustainable shoes that can carry you into a brighter and greener future. In this article, we will go through what it means for a pair of shoes to be climate friendly and what to look for when shopping for sustainable shoes.

What are sustainable shoes made of?

Some retailers sell shoes that have already been used before and that have been handed in to be taken apart and put together into a new shoe. This concept is called circular fashion, which is a form of recycling. But that does not necessarily mean that these shoes are made of sustainable materials. Some small eco-friendly businesses make shoes out of plastic from the sea or even corks. There are also examples of shoes made from organic cotton or algae! 

A lot of consumers have started buying vegan leather instead of genuine leather as this is cruelty free. Vegan leather is typically made from polyurethane, but vegan leather shoes can also be made from apple peel or leaves from a pineapple. In the battle for a greener future, there are no limits to creativity.

Where can I buy a pair of sustainable shoes?

It is, in fact, not that difficult to find shoes that are made from eco-friendly, sustainable materials. In any case, it has become a lot easier over the years as climate awareness has seeped into the fashion industry. If you search for “sustainable shoes” on Google, you are guaranteed a sea of ​​results.

Some examples of shoe brands that sell sustainable footwear are Rothy’s, whose shoes are made of plastic from the sea, SoleRebels, whose shoes are made from old car tires, and Nae, whose shoes are made from organic cotton. You’ll notice that sustainable shoes will often be more expensive than a regular pair of shoes, as it takes more time, money and planning to create a pair of sustainable, organic shoes.

Finally, do not make the wrong conclusion that shoes made from alternative materials are not as fashionable as traditionally made shoes that leave an ugly climate footprint. Sustainable footwear has just as much style as footwear made in the traditional way. If not more. You can walk around in a pair of eco-friendly shoes with a clear conscience and it will give you a confidence boost. You are doing your part for the planet. 

Maybe you are considering your next car to be an electric car? If so, why shouldn’t your next pair of shoes be made from sustainable organic cotton or apple peel?

If you are looking for a pair of vegan and/ or sustainable insoles for your shoes then check out this guide.

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