Should You Buy Shoes On AliExpress?

AliExpress is a reliable and secure eCommerce store for shopping the latest footwear designs that guarantee a safe delivery to your doorstep. The Chinese eCommerce store offers some of the cheapest authentic shoes. These shoes are possibly directly from the manufacturers.

Online shopping is a great experience that comes with a lot of benefits. People shop online for many reasons, including low prices, door delivery, and the freedom to buy from home comfort. However, many still worry about shopping online. One of the best online marketplaces to get authentic products like shoes is AliExpress.

Shoes are one of the most bought products on its platform. Many online shoe shoppers prefer to purchase footwear from the Chinese eCommerce store. The best reason to explain this is that China has the biggest footwear market globally, with over 70% of the world’s footwear. And the majority of shoes sold on the eCommerce website are manufactured in China. Another truth is that the cost of production in China is lower than in European and American countries.

Notwithstanding, AliExpress services are from third-party merchants, so getting both original and counterfeit shoes on its eCommerce store is possible. But being able to differentiate between authentic and fake will help you get the best out of the eCommerce giant.

Many people worry about buying products from an eCommerce store like AliExpress. Most are afraid of buying fake, losing money online, or worry about shoe sizing. If you are in this category, it is normal. But in this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about buying authentic shoes on AliExpress. 

Does AliExpress sell fake shoes?

Like many other online marketplaces that allow third-party sellers, there is the possibility that you will meet untrustworthy merchants trying to sell counterfeit shoes. Therefore, you should be wary of those selling replicas. If you know how to shop and take the necessary precaution, you won’t be deceived into a fake shoe.

Below are top tips to avoid fake shoes on AliExpress

Buy from Sellers with a good reputation.

The best way to avoid buying fake shoes on AliExpress is by buying from sellers with a good reputation. These merchants care so much about their ratings and are willing to assist you with your order. You should note the following on the seller’s page; it will help you avoid buying fake.

  • The opening year 

At Least you want to be dealing with sellers with more than three years on AliExpress.

  • Top-rated seller

The top-rated batch is only given to merchants with outstanding performance for a long time.

  • Feedback score

A high feedback score indicates that the seller provides good customer support. You should check the positive and negative feedback.

Check Product Review

You will determine if a particle shoe is fake by simply going through its product review. By reading the review, you will get a general overview of what the product is. Does the product review describe the shoe you are willing to buy or otherwise? However, worthy of note, some unscrupulous merchants go as far as faking reviews to entice buyers.

Check Product Star Rating

The product’s star rating will also help you to determine between fake and authentic Shoes. For instance, a shoe with a high overall product star rating with lots of reviews suggests that it is generally pleasing to buyers. We will advise you don’t buy any product that has a less than 4.0-star rating. 

Check Logo and Other Trademarks

Checking shoe logos and trademarks is one the best ways to spot counterfeit products on AliExpress. Most replicas have a blurry logo and misspelled trademarks. This tricky merchant does this because AliExpress always tries to remove the brands using another brand’s logo. 

Check Supplier AliExpress Guarantees

There are many registered merchants on AliExpress all trying to sell its products. Some merchants are “Guaranteed Authenticity” by the eCommerce store. It means that the eCommerce store trusted the sellers to sell original products. Check for the Guaranteed Authentic logo on the product page. 

According to AliExpress return policy, if you buy a product from these sellers and it turns out to be a counterfeit, the merchant will refund double the money. Therefore, we recommend you purchase shoes with the Guaranteed Authentic logo.

Is it safe to buy footwear on AliExpress?

Like mentioned earlier, AliExpress is a reliable and secure online marketplace where people can buy quality. If you have followed our tips to avoid fake shoes, you would have bypassed dubious sellers disguising on the platform. Just stick to it and don’t be moved by prices that are too good to be true.

Another thing we’ll like to point out is the appropriate use of credit cards on the platform. No AliExpress worker will ask you directly for your card details. Whenever you checkout to pay for items, ensure you are on AliExpress secure payment page. It will save you from a phishing website designed to defraud you of your payment details. It is safer to use the AliExpress app, which you can download at the top of its website.

Apart from the issues mentioned above, the AliExpress website is safe and secure to enter your details. It uses a 3D secure payer authentication to prevent fraud in online credit and debit cards.

Shoe sizes and return policies

Shoe sizing is a concern for many online buyers. Don’t worry, most shoes on the platform use the standard American Measurement System. But don’t forget to make sure to check the third-party seller’s return policy.

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