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Dr. Martens 1460

Dr. Martens have been around forever. The brand made a name for themselves with the release of their original shoe, the Dr. Martens 1460, in 1960. This boot is built to last not only physically, but through the trends as well. This shoe has done an excellent job at staying relevant. 

Do Dr. Martens 1460’s run small or large? 

To help you answer that question we have compared Dr. Martens’ shoe sizes to Nike’s shoe sizes.

Women: Compared to Nike, Dr Martens’ 1460 shoe sizes are almost identical to Nike’s shoe sizes. Buy your Dr. Martens 1460’s in the same size as your Nike shoes.

Men: Dr. Martens and Nike’s shoe sizes are almost identical so you can go ahead and buy your Dr. Martens 1460’s in the same size as your Nike shoes.

If you like to wear your Dr. Martens 1460’s boots with a chunkier sock and wear them in the winter, then you should think about going a size up.

Do Dr. Martens 1460’s fit wide or narrow? 

Wearers of Dr. Martens’ 1460 style boot report that the shoe fits wider than a typical boot would. Unless you have a wider than average foot you may want to size down. Some owners recommend that you size down when getting your shoes because they will stretch a little as you wear them and break them in.

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Are Dr. Martens 1460’s in style? 

Dr. Martens has done a great job of staying relevant throughout the decades. The 1460’s are the original boots and have not seen a decline in popularity since they were released in the 1960’s. These boots can be styled for practically anyone. For an edgier look some wear them with ripped tights and a mini skirt, while some dress them with a pair of blue jeans to give a more casual look. 

Are Dr. Martens 1460’s comfortable?

One of the beckoning traits of the Dr. Martens 1460’s is how comfortable they are. These boots have a reputation of being some of the most comfortable shoes out there. What people don’t brag about, however, is how long these shoes take to break in. When you first get your Dr. Martens 1460’s, they are going to be very uncomfortable. The rigid leather may give you blisters and require an extra pair of socks to be worn for up to three weeks. After this, your Dr. Martens 1460’s will be some of the most comfortable boots you will ever wear. They come with a thick rubber sole that gives you support, allowing you to stand all day without complaining about any pain.

Are Dr. Martens 1460’s good quality? 

Another attributed trait of Dr. Martens 1460’s boots is how high quality they are. These boots are meant to last for a very long time. The thick leather comes from high-quality sources and the thick rubber insole is built so even after years of wear it stays in place. The only time you will need a new pair of Dr. Martens 1460’s is when you want a new style! 

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