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Sizeguide for
Fila shoes

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To help you choose the right shoe size the first time we have created this size guide for you because shoe sizes can vary from brand to brand meaning that in one brand you will fit i.g. a size US 8.5 and in another brand you will fit a US 9.5. Also remember to try out the online shoe size calculator.

Are Fila shoes running small or big in size?

To find out if Fila shoes are running small or big in size we have compared them to Nike and adidas’ shoe sizes. read more below.

If you want to convert your Fila US size to UK and EU sizes you can do it on this page here.

Fila shoe sizes compared to Nike shoe sizes

Kids: It varies from size to size but Fila shoes tend to run larger than Nike’s shoe. You should go down 1 to 1.5 US sizes compared to Nike’s shoe sizes when shopping for Fila kids shoes.

Women: Fila and Nike shoe sizes for women are almost identical, so you can buy your Fila shoes in the same size you would buy your Nike shoes in.

Men: Fila and Nike shoe sizes for men are almost identical, so you can buy your Fila men’s shoes in the same size you would buy your Nike shoes in.

Fila shoe sizes compared to adidas shoe sizes

Kids: Compared to adidas, Fila’s shoe sizes for kids run large, so make sure to buy your Fila shoes in 2 US sizes smaller than your adidas shoes.

Women: Fila and adidas’ shoe sizes for women are identical, so you can buy your Fila shoes in the same size as your adidas shoes.

Men: Compared to adidas, Fila’s shoe sizes are identical so, you can buy your Fila shoes in the same size as your adidas shoes.

Do Fila shoes run wide or narrow?

You can find some Fila shoe models in a narrow or wide version

Buy Fila shoes on Amazon

Learn more about some of Fila’s most popular models

Are Fila shoes comfortable?

Fila shoes are definitely comfortable and perfect for running, walking, or just everyday wear.

Are Fila good for running?

Fila is not known for making running shoes, but if you are serious about running then there are other brands that will better suit your needs. E.g. Asics, Brooks or On.

However, if you are just starting to run or jog, or need a pair of shoes for the gym, Fila shoes will work just fine for most people.

Are Fila shoes Vegan?

Far from all Fila shoes are vegan, but their famous model Disruptor is now available in a vegan version.

Is Fila Considered A Cheap Brand?

Fila Holdings Corp. is one of the big names in Italy. The Italian Sportswear manufacturer produces athletic shoes, clothing, and accessories. Since its establishment in 1911, it has become one of the world’s trusted footwear brands. Its big name and reputation stay faithful to its customer by delivering the best style and quality at affordable prices. The price does not suggest that its product is of less quality. Fila is direct in business and doesn’t spend as much money on sponsorship, endorsement, and advertisement. Hence, the reason why Fila products are cheaper than brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma.

Are Fila Considered good quality?

As one of the leading Italian Footwear makers, Fila products are known for their Italian style, high-quality, and classic design. They are of quality leather, rubber, ethylene-vinyl Acetate. The uppers are from leather which gives it a durable and soothing feel. The rubber outsole makes it durable and flexible. The insole is made of memory foam, providing support and lessening foot pain. Fila shoes are durable, comfortable, and affordable.

Are Fila Shoes Sustainable?

Fila Holding Inc. commits to developing a sustainable brand by executing value for managing people and the environment. Just recently, Fila released sneakers and bags produced with recycled paper and eco-friendly materials. The company is seeking to increase the production of more eco-friendly products by recycling materials.

Where Are Fila Shoes Made?

Fila, the Italian sportswear giant, was founded in Biella, Piedmont, Italy. It is still designed and produced in Italy, but most of its productions are in China. However, every Fila location is free to design and build its style based on market demand.

Convert Fila shoe sizes

In the listed tables below you can convert your Fila US shoe size to UK & EU shoe sizes.


US / UK / EU

5 4,5 37,5
5,5 5 38
6 5,5 38,5
6,5 6 39
7 6,5 39,5
7,5 7 40
8 7,5 41
8,5 8 42
9 8,5 43
9,5 9 43,5
10 9,5 44
10,5 10 44,5
11 10,5 45
11,5 11 45,5
12 11,5 46,5
12,5 12 47
13 12,5 48

US / UK / EU

3,5 1 34
4 1,5 35
4,5 2 35,5
5 2,5 36
5,5 3 37
6 3,5 37,5
6,5 4 38
7 4,5 39
7,5 5 39,5
8 5,5 40
8,5 6 40,5
9 6,5 41,5
9,5 7 42
10 7,5 42,5

US / UK / EU

6 5 23
7 6 24
8 7 25
9 8 26
10 9 27
11 10 28
12 11 29,5
13 12 31
1 13 32
2 1 33,5
3 2 35
4 3 36
5 4 37,5
6 5 38,5

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