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Sizeguide for
Footjoy Fuel golf shoes

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To help you choose the right shoe size the first time we have created this size guide for you because shoe sizes can vary from brand to brand meaning that in one brand you will fit i.g. a size US 8.5 and in another brand you will fit a US 9.5. Also remember to try out the online shoe size calculator.

FootJoy Fuel golf shoes

FootJoy Fuel golf shoes are the perfect combination of style and performance. They are made with high-quality materials and feature a sleek design that will make you stand out on the course. In addition, they provide excellent traction and support, allowing you to play your best game. If you’re looking for a pair of stylish and performance-driven golf shoes, then look no further than FootJoy Fuel.

Do FootJoy Fuel golf shoes run small or big in size?

To help you answer that question, we have compared FootJoy’s shoe sizes to Nike’s shoe sizes.

Woman: Compared to Nike’s shoe sizes, FootJoy women’s golf shoes run large in size. So make sure to buy your FootJoy Fuel women’s golf shoes in 0.5 or 1 US size smaller than your Nike shoes.

Men: Compared to Nike’s shoe sizes, FootJoy men’s golf shoes run large. Buy your FootJoy Fuel men’s golf shoes in 0.5 to 1.5 US sizes smaller than your Nike footwear.

Are FootJoy Fuel good for wide feet?

This model comes in different widths.

It is available for men in medium – wide and extra wide widths.

For women it is available in medium and wide widths.

So if you have wide feet, make sure to order the wide or extra wide width.

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Are FootJoy Fuel waterproof?

Yes. The FootJoy Fuel is made in a waterproof construction and FootJoy warrants that this golf shoe will be waterproof in normal use for one year (U.S. Warranty).

Are FootJoy Fuel comfortable?

The FootJoy Fuel is made with a soft, comfortable upper that will keep your feet feeling great all day long. In addition, the shoes feature a cushioned insole and a supportive midsole, providing you with all-day comfort and stability.

Are FootJoy Fuel durable?

Yes. The FootJoy Fuel is made from high quality materials and with a durable construction that will withstand the test of time.

FJ Fuel Lacing system

Its available in two different models. One with a traditional lacing system and one with a BOA Fit system.

The benefits of the BOA Fit system are:

  • A secure and comfortable fit
  • Quick and easy adjustments
  • No pressure points or laces to loosen
  • The ability to quickly tighten or loosen the shoe with one hand, even while wearing gloves.

So if you are looking for a quick and easy way to get a perfect fit, the BOA Fit system is the way to go.

Are FootJoy Fuel good for beginner golfers?

The FootJoy Fuel is a good golf shoe for beginner golfers. It provides excellent traction and support, allowing you to make smooth swings and play your best game. In addition, the shoes are made with high-quality materials and feature a sleek design that will make you look like a pro on the course. So if you’re just starting out, the FootJoy Fuel is a great choice.

Are FootJoy Fuel spikeless?

The FootJoy Fuel is a spikeless golf shoe, which means that it does not have spikes on the bottom. This makes it a great choice for those who want to avoid the hassle of having to replace spikes and addition it also makes them more comfortable to walk around in.

Features of FootJoy Fuel

  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable
  • Stability and support
  • Traction
  • Spikeless

Are FootJoy Fuel worth the money?

Yes. The FootJoy Fuel is a high-quality golf shoe that offers excellent style, comfort, stability, and support. So if you’re looking for a great all-around golf shoe, the FootJoy Fuel is definitely worth your money.

If you want to know more about how to find the right golf shoe, read our guide to buying golf shoes here.

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