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What size Nike Air Max 97 should I get? 

We all know that brands are sized a little bit differently. If you are a size 8 with one brand, you may be a 9 in another. Nike generally runs a little bit bigger than comparable brands.

Compared to Adidas, women’s Nike sizes are fairly comparable, especially with the Air Max 97. You should buy whatever size shoe you usually do. The same thing goes for men’s Air Max 97.

The men’s Air Max 97 runs true to size, so buy whatever size you usually would.

If you are looking to buy Nike Air Max 97’s in a kid’s size, you should size down. Nike shoes are running a bit bigger than other comparable brands, so you should go a half size down on kids’ Nike Air Max 97s.

Is the Nike Air Max 97 wide or narrow? 

The Nike Air Max 97s run pretty true to size, though some wearers with wider than average feet recommend going with a size larger than you usually do. If you find that sometimes your feet are cramped into shoes more often than not, then you should go with a size bigger than you normally would, to maximize your comfort. 

Is the Nike Air Max 97 good for running? 

Though the Nike Air Max 97 are more of a lifestyle shoe, these shoes are designed for running. They were designed by Christian Tresser, who was inspired by Japan’s high-speed Bullet Trains. These shoes are meant to go fast! They feature a mix of leather, foam and visible air, to absorb shock as you run. 

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Is the Nike Air Max 97 comfortable? 

The Nike Air Max 97 shoes are extremely comfortable. They are designed to remain comfortable during exercise, or day-to-day use. The Air Max 97 are designed with a durable outsole and an airy shock system that will absorb the impact of your steps and keep you feeling comfortable. 

Does Nike make Air Max 97 for kids? 

Nike’s Air Max 97 does come in kids’ sizes. Air Max 97 comes in six different colors and in sizes from 3.5Y to 7Y. These shoes are comfortable and fashionable, which will make both your child’s feet happy, and them! 

Does Nike make Air Max 97 for women? 

Nike does make Air Max 97 for women. The Air Max 97 comes in women’s sizes 5 to 12, coming in 2 different colors. These shoes are designed to take you as far as you want to go, as fast as you want to go. They are a great choice for women who want to be comfortable, yet fashionable. 

Does Nike make Air Max 97 for men? 

Nike does in fact make Air Max 97 shoes for men. The men’s Air Max 97 come in sizes 6 to 15, in a few different colors. These shoes are a great way to dress up a casual outfit. These shoes are in style and functional. 

Is the Nike Air Max 97 available in different colors? 

The Nike Air Max 97s come in a few colors for both men and women. In the men’s style, they are offered in white with a beige sole, white with green accents, and black. Women’s Air Max 97s come in white or black. Nike also offers an amazing option that lets you design your own  shoes, so you can pick your colors! 

Is the Nike Air Max 97 sustainable?

Nike has a few stated and demonstrated goals that are central to the company. They have a few models of shoes that are made out of recycled waste, they make efforts to reach 100% in renewable energy, and have stated goals to reduce water use in their supply chain. Nike has faced some allegations of human rights abuses, so that is worth noting when observing their environmental and social impact.

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