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Women’s Nike RYZ 365 II

While sneakers have always maintained their popularity and purpose, a new emergence of futuristic sneakers has hit the market in a big way. Nike has jumped on that bandwagon as well as many other shoe manufacturers. The Women’s Nike RYZ 365 II is Nike’s newest step into the future. These shoes are interesting and have gathered a lot of hype, so let’s see what it’s all about.

Are Nike shoes running small or big in size?

To help you answer that question we have compared Nike shoe sizes to adidas’ shoe sizes.

Compared to adidas Nike’s shoe sizes for women are almost the same. So you can buy the same Nike shoe size as you would buy your adidas shoes in.

Are the Women’s Nike RYZ 365 2 sneakers in style? 

The Women’s Nike RYZ 365 2 sneakers have emerged as part of this move towards futuristic looking shoes and clothing. Due to that, these shoes are in fashion. They give off the same kind of feeling as the Yeezy shoes, which have skyrocketed in popularity. Another trend in shoes that is emerging these days is the look of a “dad sneaker”. This shoe takes that trend to heart as well with a spin off of a classic ‘90s sneaker. These shoes elevate any look, including casual outfits with jeans, athleisure looks, or even a workout outfit.

Are the  Women’s Nike RYZ 365 2 comfortable? 

The Women’s Nike RYZ 365 2 sneakers look extremely comfortable. They look as though you are walking on a cloud that absorbs every step. So do they live up to this assumption? Wearers report that yes, they do! Both the super absorbing sole and structure of the bottom of the shoe and the stretchy upper make for a very pleasant and comfortable shoe. 

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Are the  Women’s Nike RYZ 365 2 good for running? 

The Women’s Nike RYZ 365 2 sneakers are not an obvious choice for most runners. The futuristic look and extra-appearing design would not scream out to runners as a great shoe to wear. However, the support in the sole and bottom of the shoe makes for a very supportive and functional shoe for running. Wearers report that these shoes make it feel almost as though you are rolling, rather than walking or running. 

Do the  Women’s Nike RYZ 365 2 come in many colors?

On (affiliate link), you can find the Women’s Nike RYZ 365 2 sneakers in a few colors. They have a white sneaker with beige accents, a completely black model, a black model with white accents, and a white model with multicolored accents. If you look on resale sites, you are likely to find some past models and colors. Something really cool about these shoes is that you can customize the laces through Nike, adding a touch of personalization that is so important to individual style.

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