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Sizeguide for
OrthoFeet shoes

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To help you choose the right shoe size the first time we have created this size guide for you because shoe sizes can vary from brand to brand meaning that in one brand you will fit i.g. a size US 8.5 and in another brand you will fit a US 9.5. Also remember to try out the online shoe size calculator.

OrthoFeet – orthopedic shoes

It’s no secret that shoes are an important part of any person’s wardrobe. OrthoFeet is a revolutionary footwear company that offers quality orthopedic shoes for everyday use. People with flat feet, fallen arches, and other conditions can find the right shoe to meet their needs with a pair of shoes from OrthoFeet. From casual slip-ons to dressy heels, you’ll be able to put your best foot forward in style.

Do OrthoFeet shoes run small or big?

To help you answer that question we have compared Orthofeet’s shoe sizes to Nike‘s shoe sizes.

Women: Compared to Nike, Orthofeet’s shoe sizes are almost identical. However, for some sizes you should buy you Orthofeet shoes in half a US size smaller or in some cases a half size larger. So, it’s not possible to give a clear answer.

Men: Compared to Nike, Orthofeet’s shoe sizes are almost identical, so you can go ahead and buy your Orthofeet shoes in the same size as your Nike shoes.

Learn more about OrthoFeet’s popular Lava sneaker here

Do Orthofeet make shoes for wide feet?

Yes, OrthoFeet shoes are available in wide widths up to x-x-wide.

Do Orthofeet make shoes for narrow feet?

Yes, OrthoFeet shoes are available in narrow widths.

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Is Orthofeet a good brand?

Orthofeet is a high-quality brand and their shoes are designed to be durable and to provide comfort and support.

Orthofeet’s diabetic shoes

Orthofeet offers a selection of shoes made for people with diabetes. These shoes features superior comfort with foam padded interior, Orthotic Insoles, stretchable uppers, ergonomic soles and a wide toe-box. All of these features are made to reduce pressure on the feet and create a relaxed fit.

Orthofeet’s shoes for flat feet

For those with flat feet, Orthofeet offers a variatey of comfortable shoes. These shoes feature premium orthotic insoles that provides stability while help preventing the feet from rolling inwards. The interior lining foam reduces pressure and friction while the wide toe box gives space for the toes and custom orthotics.

Orthofeet’s Arthritis Shoes

If you suffers from Arthritis pain then Orthofeet has created a special line of shoes that are designed to relief pain on foot joints, knees, lower back and hips. The smooth soles and soft linings reduce pressure on the feet while providing stability and motion control. Orthofeet’s arthritis shoes also feature a wide toe box to give a relaxed fit

Orthofeet also makes shoes for people with:

  • Back pain
  • Achilles Tendon Pain
  • Metatasalgia
  • Bunions
  • Foot pain
  • Hammer-toes
  • Heel spurs

Do Orthofeet make work shoes with safety toes?

Yes, OrthoFeet make shoes and boots that feature a safety toe to protect your feet. Some of these are both slip-resistant and waterproof.

Are Orthofeet shoes vegan?

Orthofeet has a wide selection of vegan friendly shoes to choose from. So if you are looking for a comfortable pair of vegan shoes then Orthofeet might be the right brand for you.

Are Orthofeet shoes washable?

No, OrthoFeet shoes are not machine washable. Use a washcloth, water and a mild soap to clean them and then air dry them.

Convert your OrthoFeet shoe sizes

If you wish to convert your Orthofeet shoe sizes from US to UK and EU, you can do it in the tables listed below.


US / UK / EU

7 6.5 40
7.5 7 40-41
8 7.5 41
8.5 8 41-42
9 8.5 42
9.5 9 42-43
10 9.5 43
10.5 10 43-44
11 10.5 44
11.5 11 44-45
12 11.5 45
13 12.5 46
14 13.5 47
15 14.5 48

US / UK / EU

5 3 35-36
5.5 3.5 36
6 4 36-37
6.5 4.5 37
7 5 37-38
7.5 5.5 38
8 6 38-39
8.5 6.5 39
9 7 39-40
9.5 7.5 40
10 8 40-41
10.5 8.5 41
11 9 41-42
11.5 9.5 42
12 10 42-43

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