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Sizeguide for
Rykä Sky Walker

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To help you choose the right shoe size the first time we have created this size guide for you because shoe sizes can vary from brand to brand meaning that in one brand you will fit i.g. a size US 8.5 and in another brand you will fit a US 9.5. Also remember to try out the online shoe size calculator.

Rykä Sky Walk

If you’re looking for a walking shoe that will provide you with comfort and support, the Rykä Sky Walk is a great option to consider. This shoe has been designed for women, with health and well-being in mind, and it can help improve your posture and gait.

Do Rykä shoes run small or big in size?

To help answer that question we have compared Rykä’s shoe sizes to Nike’s and adidas’ shoe sizes. Convert your Rykä shoe size here.

Rykä shoe sizes compared to Nike

Woman: Compared to Nike, Rykä’s shoe sizes are almost identical, so you can buy your Rykä shoes in the same size as your Nike shoes.

Rykä shoe sizes compared to adidas

Woman: Compared to adidas, Rykä’s shoe sizes are almost identical, so you can buy your Rykä shoes in the same size as your adidas shoes.

Are Ryka sky good for wide feet?

The Ryka Sky Walk is available in both a medium and a wide width fit , so this is a good walking shoe for people with wide feet.

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Are Ryka Sky Walk comfortable?

The Sky Walk is exceptionally comfortable. It has a midsole made of lightweight EVA and an insole made of memory foam – read more about shoe soles here. It also features built-in support under the midfoot and arch. On top of that, it is specifically designed for women with a narrower heel and a roomier toe box.

Are Ryka Sky Walk good for walking?

The Sky Walk is a great walking shoe and even greater for high-performance fitness walking. It is lightweight (8.5 oz / 236 g per shoe), supportive, and comfortable.

The non-marking rubber outsole is durable and provides grip and traction. While the mesh upper keeps your feet cool and comfortable on your walk. Heel-to-toe drop: 9mm.

Are Ryka Sky Walk good for running?

The Sky Walk is not a running shoe and is not meant for running. However, if you are looking for a versatile walking/fitness shoe that can also handle light jogging or other cardio activities, the Sky Walk could be a good option for you.

Do Ryka Sky Walk have arch support?

The Sky Walk has built-in support under the arch and midfoot making it a great choice for women with flat fleet.

Are Ryka Sky Walk available in different colors?

The Sky Walk is available in white/blue/silver – Pink/black – Blue / orchid – Grey / aqua – Black/pink/silver & Silver/blue.

Are Ryka Sky Walk worth the money?

The Sky Walk is a great walking shoe for women and we would say that it is worth the money. It is comfortable, lightweight, supportive, and has a durable outsole – all the qualities that you would look for in a Fitness Walking shoe.

It is also available in different colors to suit your style.

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