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Sizeguide for
Skechers BOBS Plush

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To help you choose the right shoe size the first time we have created this size guide for you because shoe sizes can vary from brand to brand meaning that in one brand you will fit i.g. a size US 8.5 and in another brand you will fit a US 9.5. Also remember to try out the online shoe size calculator.

Skechers BOBS Plush

The next level of comfy. We all know the feeling of taking off our shoes at the end of a long day and letting out a big sigh of relief. But what if you could feel that same sense of comfort all day long? That’s where Skechers BOBS Plush comes in.

Do Skechers BOBS Plush run small or big in size?

To help you answer that question we have compared Skechers shoe sizes to Nike and adidas’ shoe sizes.

Skechers’ sizing compared to Nike

Women: There is no clear answer to this. In some cases you can buy your Skechers BOBS Plush in the same size as your Nike shoes. In other cases you should buy your BOBS Plush in 0.5 to 1 US size smaller than Nike.

Skechers’ sizing compared to adidas

Women: Compared to adidas, Skerchers’ shoe sizes are almost identical. So you can buy the same size. However, if you use an Nike Size US 8.5 and up, then you should buy your Skechers BOBS Plush in 0.5 US size smaller than your Nike shoes.

Are Skechers BOBS Plush good for wide feet?

This model is available in a wide width fit, so if you have wide feet then this model should fit you.

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Are Skechers BOBS Plush comfortable?

Yes, the BOBS Plush shoes from Skechers are comfortable. They have a memory foam insole for cushioning and a lightweight midsole for shock-absorption.

The outsole is made of rubber and has good traction and flexibility.

Are Skechers BOBS Plush good quality?

With this shoe you will get a good quality product. The shoes are made of high-quality materials and they are construction well.

You can expect them to last a long time if you take care of them properly.

Are Skechers BOBS Plush waterproof?

No, these shoes are not waterproof. They are made with knit-uppers, so they will not keep your feet dry in wet conditions.

Are Skechers BOBS Plush vegan?

Yes, the Skechers BOBS Plush are vegan. They are made with vegan-friendly materials and do not contain any animal products.

Are Skechers BOBS Plush available in different colors?

Yes, the BOBS Plush shoes are available in a variety of colors. You can find them in black, white, grey, mauve, and more.

Are Skechers BOBS Plush in style?

These shoes are some of the most popular from Skechers. They can be dressed up or down and are perfect for everyday wear, whether at home, for running errands or even at the office.

Are Skechers BOBS Plush worth the money?

Yes, the Skechers BOBS Plush are worth the money and they come with a reasonable price tag.They are comfortable, stylish and versatile. You can wear them with jeans, dresses, skirts and everything else.

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