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Top three up and coming US boot brands to keep an eye on

We associate British shoe design with the working class’ solid lace-up leather boots with yellow stitching, practicality, and durability. We associate Italian shoe design with sleek shapes, soft leather, and elegance. But what do we associate American shoe design with? Some will probably say the cowboy boot’s iconic long shaft, pointed snout and colorful patterns. And they are not mistaken. The Americans have perfected the leather boot. Many new American shoe brands are engaged in developing the classic cowboy boot for boots for the modern man. In this article, we will show you the top three upcoming American brands that have all set out to make boots that will become new, timeless classics just like the cowboy boot.

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  1. Role Club

Since the California brand Role Club was founded ten years ago, its popularity has only increased. The man behind it goes by the name Brian the Bootmaker, and he is classically trained in the art of the leather boot.

Role Club’s boots come in classic designs and have especially found inspiration in the biker boot.

The colors range from cognac to midnight blue, dark leafy green and black. A pair of boots from Role Club accentuates the modern man’s coolness. They are the perfect balance between doing the extra and at the same time showing that you are comfortable in your style.

2. Mark Albert Boots

Mark Albert Boots is a new brand from 2016 based in Pennsylvania. The brand was founded by Mark Albert, who comes from an Italian family of shoemakers, and this legacy is evident in Mark Albert’s shoe designs which are clearly marked by both Italian and American design tradition.

In fact, the collections are divided into an Italian Heritage Collection and an American Heritage Collection.

The Italian collection has more sleek designs and comes with chelsea boots in cognac and midnight blue whereas the American collection is more classic lace-up boots that bring to mind Great Plains and frontier stories.

  1. Parkhurst

Parkhurst from 2018 is founded by former stock trading analyst from Buffalo, New York, Andrew Svisco. Today, both Parkhurst’s HQ and the factory are located in Buffalo.

The materials from which the boots are made also come from the United States. Boots from Parkhurst are therefore American down to the smallest detail.

The boots are perfect for the modern man with a busy everyday life. Svisco’s past in the stock market is clear in the design, and the boots go well with more formal clothing. For example, you can wear Parhurst’s boots instead of the classic oxfords or brogues.

The colors typically move within the soft, brown shades. Parkhurst is for you who are not afraid to take fashion chances, but who still want to honor the classic tradition in men’s footwear.

Top three up and coming UK shoe brands to keep an eye on

We can all agree that London is one of the trendiest cities in the world. And if you want to know what the latest fashion trend is, just look at what young people are wearing when walking down Oxford St. and around the SoHo neighborhood.

What characterizes the British, fashion-conscious young people is that they often spot the trends long before others do.

In particular, the UK is known for their shoe fashion. Many of their most famous brands like Dr. Martens, Church’s and New Balance have been around for decades because of their timeless yet modern designs.

What you probably don’t know is that the UK is also the hearth for a lot of new shoe brands. So, in this article you will be introduced to the top three of them. 

  1. Yull is a women’s shoe brand founded in 2011 by Sarah Watkinson Yull

Yull’s shoes are made on a sustainability principle, and they are all sewn by hand by experienced seamstresses on the premises in the UK. Yull makes shoes for the modern woman who knows what she wants.

Although the shoes have flair and glamor like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, they are also practical and comfortable to wear. Yull makes both flat and high-heeled boots as well as sneakers.

  1. Cody & CO is a new shoe brand for men, founded and based in Sheffield

Cody & CO is located on the premises of a disused factory in Sheffield. Here, professional seamstresses sit and work with the exquisite materials that become Cody & CO shoes.

The style of the shoes is classic in cut and color. At Cody & CO you can buy chelsea boots, loafers, tennis shoes and more.

Each pair of shoes clearly originates from the British design tradition. Cody & CO is for the style-conscious man who is often on the go and does not want to worry about whether his footwear is in or out of style.

With Cody & CO, he should be in no doubt.

  1. Primury, London-based shoe brand founded in 2014

At our top spot is the British brand Primury, which makes shoes for both men and women. Like Cody & CO, they are based on classic shoes such as plimsolls, oxfords, and brogues, but give them a modern twist, for example in the form of large, chunky heels.

At Primury you can buy everything your little shoe heart desires because they make lace-up shoes, boots, slip-ons and so on. You can also buy leather-free variants of popular sneakers, and all shoes are made from partially recyclable materials.

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