Are shoes considered as clothing or accessories?

Here’s the short answer:

Shoes can be considered both clothing and an accessory. While they are primarily worn for functional purposes, such as protection and comfort for the feet, they also play a significant role in fashion and can enhance or complement an outfit. Ultimately, the classification of shoes as clothing or accessory depends on the context in which they are being worn or used.

What are shoes considered?

You may have never even considered which category of garments shoes belong to. Maybe you’re confident they’re clothing or sure they’re accessories – it’s difficult to say because they seem to be placed right in the middle. Despite this, shoes are mostly categorized as an accessory. Well, actually they can be considered both accessories and clothing, since accessories are clothing.

Confused? Let’s dig a bit deeper.

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Clothing vs. accessories

Here are the definitions we’ll be using. Clothing refers to any garments you wear on your body, no matter the material it’s made of. This includes jeans, blouses, sunglasses, hats, bags and umbrellas.

An accessory, on the other hand, is any piece of clothing that is not a part of the main outfit. That will say that your jeans are not accessories, yet your jacket is. Your blouse is no accessory, but your scarf is. Your bikini is not an accessory, but your kaftan is. Of course, the categories and definitions can be bent here and there, but in theory this is how the definitions work.

When are shoes considered an accessory and when are they considered clothing?

The answer to this question highly depends on who you ask. Some may find shoes a part of the main outfit – and some might not. Some might argue that it’s an accessory when indoor and clothing when outdoor – and some might argue that shoes never are accessories, some may say that they always are.

If you’re against having to take off your shoes when you go to a private party, then you probably belong to those believing that shoes are clothing, not accessories. If, however, you’re used to taking off your shoes when arriving at the party and gladly do so, then you probably understand why shoes can be classified as accessories and agree to it.
In reality, there’s no rock-solid answer and people tend to think of shoes as both: a primary part of the outfit sometimes and an accessory at other times. Like a chameleon changes color, shoes change their function.

The fact that shoes are both a stylish and practical item only further demonstrates how great of a product they truly are. With shoes, you really do get the best of both worlds. If you’re smart about your shoe choices, you can find pairs that function as practically clothing items but also act as fashionable accessories. we consider that to be quite the bargain!

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