What color shoelaces should you choose

It takes nothing but a new pair of shoelaces in a fresh color to renew your old, white sneakers. If you want to spice up your look then read along here and find out what color shoelaces that are good for white sneakers.

If you’re getting tired of all your white sneakers and feel like your outfit is tedious and uninventive no matter what shoe you choose to wear, then it’s time you mix it up with the shoelaces. Because a plain sneaker can be quite, well, plain. There sure are no better – or cheaper – ways to solve that problem and renew your shoe wardrobe at the same time than buying a handful of shoelaces in different colors and patterns. Remove the basic-looking shoelaces that were included when you bought the shoes and replace them with a remarkable color. But once you’ve decided to go for the colorful shoe-expression, you have to choose some colors for your shoelaces.

What color shoelaces for white shoes?

Black, grey or navy blue

Choosing a pair of black, grey or navy-blue shoelaces is not the bold choice, but it’s the classier choice. It’s the right color for you if you want something new to happen, yet still stay within the circle of appropriateness in every thinkable situation. The color combination will work for festive occasions, family gatherings and it will even work as a spark of freshness in uptight business situations. Go with one of these conservative yet renewing colors with your white sneakers if you want to show everyone that you have good style – but like to stay within the norm.

Pastel colors such as baby pink or blue, beige, faint grey and lavender

Going with a pastel color is particularly good for spring and summer when you want to show everyone with your outfit that you’re ready for some colorful times. If you don’t want to wear playful clothes, you can opt for this more subtle solution with pastel-colored shoelaces in your white sneakers – or you can do both. Pastel colors indicate a happy mood, yet without being an explosion of colors to your wardrobe – and therefore they’re a good place to start if you want to incorporate more color in your wardrobe.

Pink, red, green or burnt orange/yellow

This is the bolder option but if you’re already a colorful person with a colorful wardrobe it’s the right colors for you. It’s also just right if you desperately need for something to happen to your daily appearance, however, can’t buy a completely new wardrobe. A pair of super-colorful shoelaces will catch everyone’s eye and it will show them that you’re ‘the devil is in the detail’- kind of person. Wear your colorful shoelaces for festive situations, in everyday situations and everything in between. You can even wear them to work to signalize that you’re definitely not boring.

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What color shoelaces for black shoes?

The obvious answer would be black: Black shoes, black shoelaces. However, there are multiple options for you if you think outside the box. If you’re having one of those periods in life where you hate all of your garments and can’t seem to figure out how to put together an innovative outfit from your wardrobe, you may want to read along. However hopeless your wardrobe-situation may seem the solution could be way simpler than you’d ever thought – and no, it doesn’t include a shopping spree. It’s much cheaper than that – and it only takes you swapping the black shoelaces in your black shoes with something else. It changes your appearance drastically and if you choose the right color or pattern you can avoid just another clothing crisis.


If you go with white shoelaces, you stay in the safe zone, yet you still venture out on an adventure compared to black on black. If you use a pair of white shoelaces, you’ll draw focus to your shoes because of the contrast. However, there’s nothing controversial about white shoelaces in black shoes. It’s classy, yet it shows everybody that you have a sense of style – and that you know how to give your outfit some depth while paying attention to the detail. This is just a spark of something different for you, if you’re afraid of drastically changing your appearance, yet still believe it’s time for something different.

Blue or bottle green

This is a bit more daring, yet we’re still somewhat in the safe zone. Blue or bottle green shoelaces aren’t controversial, especially not if you choose a dark blue tone such as midnight blue. Feel free to wear your black shoes with dark blue or green shoelaces at any event: business meetings, in your spare time, to a party. It gives your look an edge and people will notice, but don’t worry – you won’t fall off a cliff with this one. It shows that you have your own way of doing things, yet without going out on a limb.

Red, pink, yellow or purple

Cheers for being yourself and doing something different. If you go with a fresh color such as the above mentioned ones, you’ll sure light up your outfit and get in the right mood for spring and summer days. Go with one of these sparkling colors if you’re ready to really renew your appearance and get a fresher look. It’s not for everybody and it’s perfectly understandable if you want to go with a quieter tone. In that case, you can opt for bordeaux, deep purple or something similar. However, don’t limit yourself if you want to do something new. With colorful shoelaces you’ll light up your own day – and everybody on your way.

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