What is Reflective Shoes?

The main characteristic of reflective shoes is that they create a silver and highly visible bright fluorescence in a dark environment. Reflective shoes provide higher protection and offer a more visual impact on the wearer. In recent years many brands have introduced reflective shoes within their footwear collection.

Sneakers are the advanced form of shoes or footwear. Their innovative designs, long shelf life, and vivid appearance are quite popular among athletes, dancers, and rappers. Reflective shoes are one of the types of sneakers.

People prefer them while performing exercise, physical activity, or sports. Read further to find out the materials used in the making of reflective shoes, the benefits of reflective shoes, and how to clean them.

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How Does Reflective Shoes Work?

Reflective shoe works on the principle of retroreflection. Retroreflective materials turn bright whenever a high source of light hits upon them. Due to this principle, retroreflective material illuminates your reflective shoes for an observer close to the actual light source. 

What Is Retroreflective Material?

3M Scotchlite is the name of the material that has been widely used in the production of reflective shoes. All the active footwear brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Reebok have manufactured their shoes with 3M Scotchlite material. The addition of Scotchlite in the process of manufacturing helps the shoe to glow within low light.

How Does the M3 Scotchlite work?

Scotchlite has several layers of various materials. The topmost layer uses microscopic glass beads. In the middle of the glass bead layer, the vapor-coated mirror has been placed. The light reflects from the glass beads, which gives your reflective shoes a brighter appearance. 

The binder layer helps glass beads and vapor-coated mirrors to hold together. Finally, the reflective material joins the shoe with an adhesive. That’s how your shoes illuminate.

What Are The Benefits Of Reflective Shoes?

Here are some of the benefits you can find in a lot of the reflective shoe models on the market but remember reflective shoes come in many shapes and forms.

Better Breathability

Reflective shoes have some unique benefits over other types of shoes. They provide more ventilation and offer better breathability. It will surely give you more access to comfort in hot and humid weather. Therefore, you should wear them to prevent excessive sweating on your foot. 


Reflective shoes are one of the lightest weighted shoes to wear. Therefore, they will allow you to do excessive physical activity with less fatigue. That’s why Olympians and athletes prefer them over other kinds of sportswear. Reflective shoes are mostly regular fit and can also give you a sense of support soon after wearing them.

Elastic Cushioning

Reflective shoes have elastic cushioning within their sole pads. Elastic cushioning works as the shock absorber, and it can absorb the impact of forces affecting your sole. Reflective shoes will offer you incredible energy returns. It means the more energy you put on them, the more they will give back to you.

Should You Buy Reflective Shoes For Your Kids?

You should buy reflective shoes for your kids.  For example, sometimes, due to the unsuitable weather conditions, it gets very dark out there. Kids usually love to play in the dark, and also, it’s a treat for them to have an illuminating source with them. Isn’t it lovely?  

Road Safety

Reflective shoes will provide a lot of safety to your kids. Children love to run in the middle of roads no matter how dark the road is. Too many accidents have happened in recent years due to negligent driving. 

Reflective shoes will allow the drivers to slow down their vehicles rapidly in the dark once they have spotted your kids’ movements through reflectors shoes. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy reflective shoes for your kids.

How To Tell If Your Shoes Are Reflective?

Most reflective shoe models are clearly marked as “reflective” but if that isn’t the case then check out the product description here it will always be displayed whether or not the shoe you are looking at is reflective. On top of that always make sure that you buy from a trusted seller.

If you have already bought the shoe and want to find out if it’s reflective, simply take the shoe into a dark room and point a flashlight to it and see if it reflects the light.

How To Clean The Reflective Material On Your Shoe?

A Mild Soap Will Do The Work

3 M reflective material on your shoe is easy to manage. Clean the reflective material by using a wet piece of soft cloth with mild soap. Hand soaps or some laundry detergents are best for this job. However, make sure that your cleaners do not contain sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide. They will harm your reflective material.

Rub the foamy cloth over the 3M reflective material. Dirt will easily come out once you have started scrubbing the fabric on your shoes. After that, keep them aside and allow them to dry at room temperature.

The Bottom Line

Reflective shoes are modern-day footwear. They will surely offer comfort to you and allow you to perform a long period of activity without getting fatigued. Reflective shoes deliver safety in the dark, and they are easy to clean at the same time. In short, reflective shoes give you all the advantages a great shoe must provide.

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