Why are some shoes called pumps?

Pumps referred to as shoes from the early fifteenth century, and people who wear pumps are generally called pompes. The word pompes originated from plain or flat and thus, used for the men generally who wear flat shoes. 

Shoes are the modern type of footwear and are basically designed to provide comfort and protection to the human foot. Pumps are used to fulfill human needs. But pump footwear now serves as the essential element in the recent fashion also. The shape and structure of shoes have been in continuous modification since the day they have produced on a large scale, and they appear different from culture to culture and era to era. 

Pumps are in regular use by people far earlier than we usually thought. So today, we are going to explore the pump’s footwear in more detail. Read more to know the basic features of pump shoes and the difference between pumps and heels, and whether they are still in fashion or they have lost their glamour.

What Kind Of Shoe Is A Pump?

Pumps or also known as court shoes are the type of shoes that are light in weight, strapless, and usually covered or closed from the back. Pumps heel heights generally vary, and they are generally manufactured without lacing or buckling, which provides the human foot easy access to slip in and out of the pumps. The design of pumps from the front end is usually nearer at the toe box than at the ankle portion of the foot.

In our opinion, women mostly wear them due to their flexibility towards the toe boxes and heel height. We believe peep toes, ankle buckles, and open toes are the main features of pumps’ classics designs. However, wedge heels and stiletto heels are still in use along with the classics pumps. We are not saying pumps are ancient within the modern era, but their popularity overshadowed by the arrival of high heels.

What Is The Difference Between High Heels And Pumps?

We are going to tell you here the key differences between High Heels and Pumps, so next time it would be easy for you to recognize them both separately. High heels are commonly 2-8 inches higher from the ground, whereas the pumps are only 1-3 higher and closer to the ground. High heels designed with buckles and laces are more graceful, while the classic pumps designs are without any buckles and laces but with more extension.

Are Pumps easy to wear

High heels are usually manufactured with straps which creates complications while wearing them. In contrast, the pump’s designs are without any straps, which gives them a sober look, but they are easy to wear. High heels are mainly used by the wearers while attending weddings or grand events. In contrast, pumps are in usage everywhere, whether you have an invitation to an office meeting or for an alumnus get-together.

Are Pump Shoes Comfortable?

This paragraph is definitely going to change your perception about pumps. Pumps are much more comfortable than heels. Pumps do not provide any elevation to the wearer due to their flat structure which gives a broad base of support and gravity to the wearer. And eventually pumps have tolerated by the people very easily after long hours of standing and traveling.

Pumps – Shoes Of Choice By Ballroom Dancers

Another interesting fact related to the pumps is that they have been officially used in the U.S. as a part of the costume of ballroom dancers due to the comfort provided through them. Although the comfort level provided by the pumps hugely depends on the size of your shoes.

Wrong Shoe Size Creates Discomfort

Wearing loose or tight pumps shoes can cause pain, swelling, and lower back pain within a few hours. So, wearing an adequate shoe size is essential for your collective foot health and comfort.

What Materials Are Pumps Shoes Made Of?

Various materials have been used in the making of various types of Pumps. Let’s start from the early ages, when pumps are usually manufactured for males. The process of pumps manufacturing involved patent black leather at that time. The black leather has cut into perfect shape and then stitched to the cloth. The sole is mainly composed by using different coverings of leather and it’s generally fixed at the bottom of the shoe.

Pumps are available in black color only at that time and commonly worn by men of all ages. But as time passes, the varieties of color have been introduced by the manufacturers in the pumps. Thus, they had become the favorite choice for the women too. These pumps are usually formed by the materials of tan and satin.

Satin Made Pumps – A Colorful Addition

Satin is being used in the making of pumps to give them vibrant and elegant colors. The ballroom dancers mostly consume Satin-made pumps. These kinds of pumps are then manufactured to support ballroom dancing on the practice floor and dance competition. 

Are Pump Shoes Still In Style?

Pumps are one of the oldest members of the shoe family. From the 15th century, they have been in continuous use. They are also known as court shoes due to their color, sleek and closed-toe box style, and mainly preferred by wealthy men. In the 16th century, their popularity was prevalent among women. Pumps were made from luxurious materials such as silk, velvet, and jewels at that time. If you had owned a set of pumps at that time, you might definitely buy up in an elite class.

Brass Heels Pumps – Royal’s Footwear

But things change in the midst of the 18th century when the political revolution also impacts the fashion sense of royalty. The royal ladies, instead of pumps, preferred ballet slippers. However, in the mid-1800s, the slippers were also disowned by many people, and pumps were again back in the fashion trends with a slight modification in their structure. Brass heels within pumps were quite popular in that era.

The modern-day pumps have changed a lot after the Second World War. In 1954, a shoe designer named Roger Vivier modified the pumps with the inclusion of stiletto heels. Stiletto heel is more than 3 inches above the ground which gives a slight elevation to the pump. This particular design of pumps was much more elegant than the previous ones due to which the pumps rule over other shoes in the last century.

Pumps – Always In Style

But within the 20th century, pumps are in and out of the fashion trends. However, I think due to their elegant design, comfortable structure, and sleek appearance, they have always been in style 

The bottom line; Pumps are invented way back in history, and they have gone through a lot of transition in the previous century. Yet pumps have created their own space andpopularity within fashion trends due to their simple design, easy access to wear, and comfort. 

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