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The best way to find out if you should buy a pair of ECCO golf shoes is to look at what they can offer. ECCO has been around for more than 50 years, and they are known for producing some of the finest men’s and women’s golf shoes on the market.

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Are ECCO golf shoes the same size as regular shoes?

Ecco uses the same measurement for their golf shoes as they use for their regular shoes and boots. So if you already own a pair of ECCO shoes that you fit, then just order your new golf shoes in that same size. If in doubt feel free to use our free online sizing tool in the top of this page.

Do ECCO golf shoes run small or big in size?

To help you answer that question we have compared Ecco’s shoe sizes to Nike’s shoe sizes.

Women: Compared to Nike, Ecco’s shoe sizes are running a bit small so make sure to buy your Ecco golf shoes 0.5 – 1 US size bigger than your Nike shoes.

Men: Compared to Nike, Ecco is running large so make sure to buy your Ecco golf shoes in 2 US sizes smaller than your Nike shoes.

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Are Ecco’s golf shoes good quality?

ECCO golf shoes are made of quality materials that can stand up to the wear and tear from frequent use. The quality leather uppers, soles, insoles, linings and heel counters all contribute to make these some of the best men’s or women’s golf shoes on the market today.

Shoes like these will outlast many other pairs because they’re designed for more than just looking good while you play your rounds. Quality is key with a pair of ECCO golf shoes!

Are Ecco’s golf shoes comfortable?

Your golf shoes are the only thing between your feet and the ground and you want to wear something that will help you play better, but also feels good on your feet.

As we all know golf shoes can be uncomfortable, especially if you’re just getting into the sport or have a wider foot than average. However, Ecco is one of the most popular brands in the world when it comes to comfort and their line of golf shoes are no exception and features many styles and options designed specifically with comfort in mind.

Are ECCO’s golf shoes good for walking?

ECCO has been designing shoes for ages and know what it takes to make a great pair of comfortable  shoes for both walking and playing and people report that they feel like wearing a pair of sneakers instead of golf shoes.

Are ECCO’s golf shoes water resistant?

Ecco golf shoes are a popular choice for many golfers, but some people have concerns about their water resistance and some people think that the leather uppers on ecco golf shoes aren’t waterproof at all and will soak through in wet conditions. This is not true. The leather is high quality, which makes it naturally resistant to water penetration. So if you’re playing in light rain or standing around in damp grass these shoes should be fine. However if your feet get drenched by stepping into deep puddles or walking across wet fairways then they’ll probably get soaked inside too.

Why are ECCO’s golf shoes so expensive?

ECCO Golf Shoes are among the best golf shoes on the market today and with so many great features, it’s no wonder why ECCO Golf Shoes cost more than most other brands.

But remember, you can also expect them to last longer than other brands because they’re made with more quality materials like high-quality leathers and rubber soles instead of cheaper plastics or synthetics which break down quickly over time. So if it’s time to invest in new footwear for your game then you might want to consider a pair of ECCO golf shoes.

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